My Dear Van Abbe 

Date:   september


location: VanAbbe Museum



" life performance  at the Van Abbe museum netherlands on September 28, 2014.




performance and mixed media installation (Studio)

Dear Van Abbe seeks a dialogue between the museum and the public addressing how a relationship is created between them.

Giving role to the museum: can play in terms of social inclusion and fells the empty space of feelings.Public Can find museum as life body able to share warm feelings.

 Using an audio recording and hand written letters derived from different archives and found material online, it sees the museum as a living body which goes beyond the bricks and mortar of the museum or the objects housed within it; it shares feeling emotions, advice, politics and religion with its public.

letters: from from

Malina suliman

Vincent van Gogh

Sophie Lissitzky Kuppers

Aabraham lincoln